About this Blogger

My name is: Rose Cull

However, when I began this blog my name was Rose Daly.

At a historic home and garden in Miami

Often my maiden name was pronounced Dally instead of Daily, so I thought this blog could be a way to remind the world of the correct pronunciation of Daly, although the blog is not updated daily.

I am a conservator and this blog was a platform where I discussed my adventures in conservation. This blog is my work and none of the writings should be taken to represent any of the institutions I work with now, in the past, or in the future.

My writing focused on these main interests:

Conservation - modern materials and electronic media

Preventive conservation - bugs, mold, dust, housekeeping, writing policies, and general practical work

Sites, monuments, and big artworks

and Sustainability

I am not updating the blog at this time.